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Ian Cartmill

Tall, Australian lawyer
Fast bowler, reluctant batsman. Finest hour:
Unplayable match winning spell at Hornsey 2001
Least likely to say:
What are you wearing a helmet for, you big wuss?

Dominic Perks

Investment banker.
Composed and compact opening batsman, hard to dislodge.
Finest hour:
Eighty on debut vs Devizes.
Least likely to say:
"Let's get this over with before tea"

Roger Davidson

Actor and Casting Director.
Elegant wicketkeeper, debonair batsman. Finest hour:
Six consecutive victories in first half-dozen games as captain.
Not likely to say:
"Actually, I'm more into films"

Ossie Gooding

Once-terrifying Caribbean fast-bowling sensation, still favours three gullies.
Finest hour:
25 years fast bowling of the hightest class
Not likely to say:
"Come on you slips, you're way too deep"

Nathan Lamb

Son of Charlton.
Upright left-hander with sweet timing, and top fielder.
Finest hour:
Classy fifty on debut.
Not likely to say:
"No, not Allan. Charlton"

Peter Swaab

University Lecturer.
Resolute wicket-keeper, defiant batsman.
Finest hour:
Swooping catch in the deep vs Maharanah of Udaipur.
Not likely to say:
"I've no idea - never read it"

Steve Marians

Infuriating, hard to dislodge batsman, catlike gully.
Finest hour:
Numberless against-the-odds innings to save match at the death.
Least likely to say:
Fit as a flea, since you ask.

Tom Falkus

History student
All-rounder and dynamic fielder.
Finest hour:
Shirt flapping 40-odd on debut at Lloyds Register
Least likely to say:
Sod off. You bloody chase it.

James Handford

Elite wine merchant
Wicket-keeper batsman.
Finest hour: Tremendous diving catch at cover vs. HAC 2000
Least likely to say:
Ah, lager top - now that's what I call a proper drink.

Martin Smith

Radio Producer.
Selfless batsman, sharp fielder. Finest hour:
Running out Derek Randall vs Paul Getty XI
Not likely to say:
"Annoying, 'cause I was seeing it like a football"

Joe Ireland

Classics teacher
New member, left-arm spinner and stylish batsman
Finest hour:
Lies in the future. Watch this space.
Least likely to say:
That's enough for me, I'll have a blow

Inigo Thomas

Editor, columnist.
istinguished absentee all rounder.
Finest hour: -
Imperious straight six (oddly, off the back foot) versus Peter O'Tooles Eleven
Least likely to say:-
There's no way I'm taking the quicky

Written by Robert Winder & Ian Smith
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